Canton Roofing Companies

There are a lot of reliable, legitimate Canton roofing companies. At Moore Dynamic Roofing, we like to think we’re at the top of the list. However, there are some roofing companies in Canton TX that you want to stay far away from. They either perform shoddy work, or, even worse, they’ll take the money and run without finishing the job. These are just a few red flags that will tell you a roofer isn’t worth your consideration.

They Show Up Out of Nowhere

Legit Canton roofing companies don’t scour neighborhoods after a storm, preying on people whose homes have just suffered an extensive amount of damage. These people are known simply as “storm chasers.” They usually come from a different town just to try and drum up business after a weather-related event. Once they’re done – if they actually finish the job – they immediately leave. They’re just looking for some quick money, so they don’t offer any sort of warranty protection. Always go with roofing companies in Canton TX that show you they back up their work, and already have a good reputation in town.

They Can’t – Or Won’t – Provide References

You definitely don’t want to go with any roofer that doesn’t have proof of previous work, or have references of previous customers who were satisfied with the quality of that work. Legitimate roofing companies in Canton TX will be more than happy to share both. Check out any companies you’re considering online to see what others are saying about them.

They Want All the Money Up Front

Never go with any contractor – roofing or otherwise – that demands full payment before work starts. That’s a true red flag, one that means the contractor could very well skip town without even driving a single nail. It’s not that uncommon for contractors to want a partial payment, because they need to pay for materials to be delivered to your home. But if anyone wants the hole thin, move on to someone else.

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